Thursday, August 12, 2010

Geek talk

Watching tv just after dinner, channel surfing, hubby and I started watching Q&A on ABC2 -- as Dick Smith was on there. Just like many channels the focus was on the upcoming federal election. Immigration, broadband were the major topics. This was when hubsters and I got into a long discussion. He being from a long telco background and me coming from zero telco background, it was like having a debate with Google.This was when our silly discussion started.

Me: I'm with the Liberals (broadband), why waste money on something that would become obsolete anyway?
Hubby: Fibre Optics (what Labour is pushing through to connect every household with) will never be obsolete.
Me: Yes it will.
Hubby: Fibre Optics is like having internet access like speed of light.
Me: What if they have something faster than that in a few years and all that money spent on Fibre Optics is just wasted?Hubby: You do know nothing is faster than speed of light.
Me: Yes there is!
Hubby: What?
Me: Warp speed!

And that's where the geek talk started. Me with zero physics knowledge apart from what I saw on Star Trek (Next Generation, Enterprise & the latest movie) started debating with a telco guru about warp speed. I even looked it up. Yes, warp speed is being studied. It's even on BBC. So there. In conclusion, Star Trek is awesome! ♥

I have been slacking off with the blogging but here are a f ew pics we took at Dank Street's Wahwah Cafe and at Carriage Works near our place one Sunday.

At Wahwah Cafe on Dank Street. Hub had egg's bendict and I had the big breakfast. Wasn't too bad but the bread was rock hard.

Carriage Works..the markets was almost closed when we got there.

Good nite!

♥ ♥ ♥


cocoabee said...

ahaha thanks! <3 chris pine (:

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