Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mr Tax Man...

Such an awesome Friday/Saturday!! Hung out out the parentals as they are holidaying overseas for a month! Yup, 1 whole month around Europe and US. Am so happy for them but so jealous, cos I want to go too! But while hanging out, I also got to lodge my tax return thanks to mum (aka my accountant). So so very happy with my returns! *happy dance*

Also saw my doggies today. They always top any day. Also just found out that Happy eats
celery. Yes, celery! Very healthy doggy. So cute. She was eating and actually enjoying it.

Actually, she chewed it until it was dry. Still got the good bits though. Now to get Lucky (black pomeranian) to eat vegies. He's getting on, roughly about 12-13yrs old and he already has arthritis and poor vision -- he does not look like it though as he still is uber cute and looks more like a bear than a dog. I just hope he makes it like this dog -- 29yr old dog, only eats rice and veg though. I tried feeding Lucky the celery but he just sniffed it and walked off. =T

Just found this also..good vegies to give to your canines.

With my two doggies. Apologies for the whiteness/paleness -- this is what winter does. Come on summer! Need the tan back.

To end the day..made a tonne of tuna pasta and a massive bowl of salad for dinner. Hubby and I devoured the whole thing. There goes my healthy eating plan!

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Anonymous said...

Very cute!!

Eleanor said...

Just found this link and I think you're very pretty and your dogs are so adorable! More posts please.

Teeya said...

Thanks for the comments!^_^

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