Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday - itis

Very first Monday-itis for this year! My brain was a complete mush when I got into work today. Luckily these days, time flies regardless of what I do - must be a downside of getting older! Didn't help also that we had pizzas for dinner last night. Very same pizza I also took to lunch today @_@.I've made a resolution (very late in the year I know!) to cut down on buying lunch outside as it does add up. The pizza and mocha did not help with the Monday-itis. TG that after lunch time just flew and it was home time. Got out relatively early so decided to go grocery shopping. Another resolution we made - to eat less out.

What's in the bags?I felt like tapping into my inner asian and got heaps of asian things. Leaning towards Chinese and Japanese (thank you Chinatown for being in the way of me getting home!). Master chef eat your heart out! Now to just cook these. What I'm thinking for dinner..miso noodle soup with pak choy, fish ball and beef cubes. Topped with seaweed and for dessert moshi in honey and ginger syrup with taro.

Noticed that hubby was MIA when I got home (hence, I am blogging!) and that he didn't take the car with him..meaning I will need to pick him up and we will be getting dinner out. Miso noodle soup will have to wait I guess.

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