Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hyper Drive

As normal, the week went into extreme over-drive. Just flew and everything a blur. A big Yay for the weekends. Friday night was not a great start. I was feeling a little sick and did not do anything social after work. One of my awesome brothers is flying off to London as he got his highly skilled visa and will gone for a fair while, unfortunate I couldn't go to his farewell. I shall see him tomorrow though as the family will bid him adieu. *sniff*.

On a lighter note, such a great Saturday. I was a waitress for a day (3-4hrs of it). Was lending my hands to my sister in-law's amazing cafe in Pyrmont.

Food was delish and coffee awesome! It is such an amazing experience, I've never worked in a cafe before..never been a waitress --except for a very brief stint at Burger King after high school where I worked behind the cash register (2 weeks of it). Which led me to think about how amazing it is to be your own boss. Sure there are risks and a lot of hard work, but in the end the business is yours and having the freedom to make it the way you envision it to be.
Would sure be something to look forward to when I find out what it is that I want to setup.

Also just found out that Orlando and Miranda have tied the knot!! (Yes, I am behind). Orlando is my fantasy husband, after seeing him in the Lord of the Rings and Pirates, I was in
♥. I also think that Miranda is the best match for him. She is a gorgeous beyond belief, amazing fashion sense and an Aussie to boot.

A montage of the beautiful couple below. KerrBloom

Fashion wise, I wish winter would end already! Not the fact that it's freezing *brrrr* The extra kgs from eating to build up body fat (my # excuse) for the cold is not helping! Would love to wear my summer dresses again! I heart the below looks! Come on Spring/Summer!!!

And now time for moshi in ginger and honey syrup with taro! Yummo!! While watching Ocean's 11 with the hubster on the sofa. x

♥ ♥ ♥


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