Monday, July 26, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane.....

Spent meals with my two families yesterday. My brother Julius is leaving for London tomorrow, Tuesday with his gf Bel and still has not sink in that he's going to be gone for so long. As usual we had a family get together where he chose where to have lunch. At first when he said that it was a charcoal chicken place somewhere at west, I thinking wth? But after looking it up and actually having lunch there the place was definitely a more than average charcoal chicken place. It was such a nice restaurant with delicious Lebanese food.

Hubby and I had always wanted to try it as we went past the place a few times when visiting my parents out west...yes, where they have the bestest ethnic food in Sydney! So we had lunch at La Mono (Lebanese restaurant with a French name).
The place was always packed. The meal was presented so well. I didn't even notice that the meat they served was lamb as I don't eat lamb.

See ya little brother! Hope to see you soon. Fingers crossed we can go visit/re-locate as well in the future.

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