Saturday, December 11, 2010

Summer Lovin... ♥

Hi all! Hope you all are enjoying your weekends. Had a bit of a worry on Friday as the morning brought light showers here in Sydney but all that cleared and we had a great sunny day up to now.
Still would have liked a white Christmas...but sunny day
s are awesome too cos when the sun is out -- dresses are out too =)

I have been loving Cotton On dresses for a number o
f reasons:

♥ 1. They are so breathable as they are cotton
♥ 2. They are just so cute and all one has to do is accessorise.
♥ 3. Value for money. They may not be no DKNY or Marcs but they give just as much satisfaction (for myself anyways).

Ok 3 reasons..I'm sure there are more. What d
o you think?

Dress: Cotton On
Boots: ROC
Belt: Got this for $1 AUD in Chinatown Sydney (*happy dance*)

Saturday outing. Hubby and I went for a drive after having lunch at a cafe in Crows Nest (Sydney's North).
Had to take a shot of this castle like bridge --- we passed heaps of times but I cannot stop admiring this.

Dress: Loving Things
Sandals: Ruby shoes
Bag: Tote bag by Review
Sunnies: Ray Ban Jackie Ohh III

What have you been up to this weekends? Enjoy the rest of it! x

♥ ♥ ♥


Penelope said...

Wow, what gorgeous pictures! Love the dresses!

Chasing Davies said...

I love those ROS boots!! Wish it was warm enough here to wear summer dresses. :)

{av} said...

jealous of your sunshine--it's cold where I am! xoxo

Pretty Lil Birdie said...

@ Penelope - thanks for the complements!

@ Chasing Davies - thanks. ROC is an Australian brand you can find them here.. boots are so good to wear where you're at. I <3 boots.

@ {av} - don't worry winter fashion is devine! would love to layer and wear boots and cute hats. =)

la bovaryste said...

I need summer, i really hate winter!
love your blog, i'm your follower now, i hope you'll do the same with me, i leave you my link:

Olga said...

hi thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! I like your blog too!!

Alina A. said...

beautiful dresses!xx

Lisa said...

Gorgeous place! I really need to visit Sydney! Super cute dress :) Thank for following!


brokefashionjunkie said...

Australia looks like an awesome place! I WILL go there someday!


Sands said...

Cotton dresses are the best! I love what you have on, and how you belted it so chicly!


Pretty Lil Birdie said...

@ La Bovaryste- thank you for dropping by. I just had a look at your blog and you are just too cute! You're working the winter fashion so well! x

@ Olga - thanks Olga. The style you have is just amazing. Thanks for sharing! =)x

@ Alina - thank you for your compliments. =) x

@ Lisa - Yes, come visit! You'll love Australia. x

@ BrokeFashionJunkie - definitely come to Oz. I'm sure you'll save up in no time. x

@ Sands - Cotton dresses sure are the best for summer! Thank you so much for your compliments. You are too cute! I heart what you did with the paper clips! Ingenious!

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